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Welcome to Hundred Grasses

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Medicinal Eating, Meditation & Breathwork

What is Hundred Grasses

Dedicated to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hundred Grasses is able to provide individualized, holistic health care to its patients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is best known for herbal medicine and acupuncture, but at Hundred Grasses, acupressure and other traditional needle-less modalities may either complement your treatment, or be used on their own. As such, do not let a fear of needles keep you from making an appointment.

Services Offered At Hundred Grasses

Please look around the site to find information on the types of treatments Hundred Grasses provides, information about the Hundred Grasses community, and information for first time and continuing patients. Hundred Grasses invites you to call for more information.

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I came to Krista because I was having severe pain in my elbow. I had already gone through having two cortisone shots and many rounds of physical therapy. After then having a MRI, the doctor recommended surgery on my elbow. Because I did not want to have surgery at this point, and I knew people that had success with acupuncture, I wanted to give it a try. Krista came highly recommended to me by a friend.

I have had much success after being treated by Krista, and my pain has significantly decreased. In fact, at times I am pain-free, and can now do things with my arm and elbow that I was not able to do before the treatments. Krista is very kind and caring, and the results after treatment are amazing! Thank you, Krista, for everything you have done to make me feel better! I sincerely appreciate it!


When I first came to Krista, I was hurting and frustrated and rather demoralized at how little my doctors were able to do for me. In their defense, I had a massive list of seemingly unrelated symptoms – ranging from extreme joint pain, to excruciating foot pain, to swollen glands to lifelong stomach issues.

After just an hour and a half on consultation, it was clearly to me that Krista clearly understood the root causes of my problems far more than any of the specialists I had been seeing. My condition was worsening by the day, to the point that I was worried I could be in a wheelchair within a year or two.

I am so very grateful for Krista’s help in reversing my condition. Krista is helpful, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I simply can’t recommend her enough.

T. Stone