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About Hundred Grasses

Combining traditional methods and contemporary wellness approaches


Acupuncture and non-needle treatments can provide symptom relief and root healing

Herbal Medicine

Building your health with herbal formulas and whole food supplements

Medicinal Eating

When food means more than sustenance

Meditation & Breathwork

Using breath and meditation to change your brain


An acupuncturist places hair thin, single use acupuncture needles at points on the body. She then directs the flow of energy (Qi) by stimulating the points. Because each acupuncture point has specific actions, every acupuncture treatment can address more than one complaint.

There are a variety of non-needle treatments which can address imbalances in the body by moving its energy and encouraging flow. These treatments include acupressure, gua sha, cupping and tuina. Krista will choose one or more of these treatments to address patient complaints. She may also use moxibustion, which is a heat based therapy involving the burning of herbs over acupuncture points. One can think of moxibustion as a heat based acupuncture treatment that never touches your skin.

Even with the most difficult conditions, acupuncture can help to relax us, bring us peace, improve sleep, and relieve symptoms associated with the illness.

Herbal Medicine

Like acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and nutritive therapy are treatment modalities based on balancing our body and our health. Chinese Herbal Medicine embraces home remedies and food medicine, but moves far beyond. It has centuries of documented and researched treatments, formulas, and approaches addressing: preventative healthcare, disease treatment, aches and pains, injuries, women’s health, and life enhancing, longevity producing medicinals.

In this office, Krista will be able to recommend and provide you with herbal medicines from that verdantly rich tradition – all specifically tailored to your particular complaints. Chinese herbal medicines come in different forms through this office, such as tablets, raw teas, liquid tinctures, wraps, and liniments.

Medicinal Eating

Traditionally, the people of China have been blessed with an understanding of the healing properties of their food. People were raised to understand what foods to eat to cure illness, build strength, encourage fertility, reduce pain, and so on. Meals were organized around this knowledge. Although in the US we might not have the same foods or lifestyles, we are able to translate this type of food-as-medicine attitude to promote our health in the same way. Krista can help you to identify how to tailor food choices to support your health goals.

Medicinal foods and whole food recommendations can be made to suit your particular dietary and health goals.

Meditation and Breathwork

The Hundred Grasses approach to teaching meditation skills and breathwork, or meditative breathwork, is based in research on neuroplasticity (that our brains can change, even as adults).

I started teaching breathwork and meditation techniques because my patients needed a way to relax, gather themselves, lower their stress hormone activity, and train themselves to move from fight-flight to rest-digest. I knew the benefits from my own practice, and felt that what everyone needs is a skill set where people can self-train to be less reactive to stressors.

These activities are basic, accessible to anyone any where, and effective the first time they are used. Used occasionally they can help with anxious and restless feelings. Used daily (even just 10 minutes a day), these techniques will give the body a behavioral
script to follow that helps to moderate cortisol and other stress hormone activity. This allows the body to move into Rest/Digest/Heal (relaxation) more efficiently and effectively.

Meditation and Breathwork can be taught one on one in the office as well as through group classes. Contact Krista to learn more.

Meet Krista

Meet Krista

Hundred Grasses was founded by Krista McCain in 2006. She is a certified acupuncturist in Wisconsin, and a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Prior to starting Hundred Grasses, her work was in healthcare. Whether she was working as a care provider or advocate for people with disabilities, or providing mental health triage for hospitals, Krista has been devoted to helping people to find, and if necessary, create their place in the healthcare system.

Her primary interest outside of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is researching neuroplasticity, habits, meditation and the biology of compassion.

Krista enjoys working as a generalist, but also has a particular interest in acute injuries, chronic pain, preventative healthcare, complaints of aging, eye complaints, stress and mental health concerns. Equally important to her, though, are the subjective, sub clinical aches and pains that might be overlooked at your doctor’s appointment. She operates with the knowledge that mild complaints, when not addressed, may turn into major conditions. Please take a look at the services she offers.